Wind turbine service lift yearly maintenance, repairs and spare part services

WiCo Safety provides yearly maintenance, repairs and spare part services for your wind turbine service lift and ladder with fall protection system.

Reliable and safe use of the wind turbine service lift enables smooth operation for other maintenance activities carried out in the turbine and thus reduce production losses. By performing maintenance services yearly according to manufacturer recommendations, you will ensure safe use for the lift and keep the lift ready for use.

Wind turbine’s service lift is part of the turbine, so maintenance personnel must be experienced and certified in this specific area.

WiCo Safety team has several years’ experience performing yearly inspections and maintenance according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Our teams works independently and has experience in variety of turbines. This releases OEM personnel for other activities and helps planning for the maintenance activities.

We have good stock of spare parts in our home base and service vans. This brings cost savings, because the defects found in the inspection can be repaired at the same visit. This reduces travel associated costs and the service lift is back in use faster.

If you want more information about the service we provide, please feel free to contact us!

Ensures smooth operation for other maintenance activities, thus production losses are reduced.

Our large stock of spare parts saves time and money, as found defects can be repaired immediately.

OEM personnel is available for other activities.

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