Fire extinguisher inspection and renewal services

Fire extinguisher inspections in Finland can only be carried out by Tukes approved Fire extinguisher agency. The agency must also have a certified responsible person. Fire extinguisher inspections and service are described in detail in Decree of Ministry of Internal Affairs SMa (917/2005).

WiCo Safety’s experienced and certified team performs fire extinguisher inspections on site inside the turbine. This way you don’t need to carry the extinguishers away from the turbine or bring change bottles, as the bottles can be damaged when moved around.

Bottles are also subject to pressure test every 10 years. If you have change bottles you will have double the costs.

With our service you can bring your costs down by combining fire extinguisher inspections and renewal with wind turbine service lift and nacelle crane maintenance and repairs.

If you have any questions about the services we provide, please feel free to ask more information!

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