Olli Juka

My name is Olli Juka, I am a 37-year-old machine automation engineer and the newest member of Wind Controller Oy.

I have a girlfriend and I live in Oulu.

After my graduation in 2006, I have been mostly working with wind turbines. Approximately 10 years in total.

First in February of 2008, I started working with WinWind as a wind turbine operator. My task for the most part was remote surveillance of WinWind turbines around Europe. I also did some field service in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and France. My time in WinWind lasted 4,5 years.

After a brief 1,5 year stint working with mobile networks, I returned to wind power industry in february of 2014. I worked for five years in Pori Energia Oy as a service technician and as a service coordinator.

In Pori Energia, I got to work with many different wind turbine manufacturers, Vestas, Siemens, Gamesa, Nordex and a few other smaller companies.

I am really excited to join Wind Controller Oy and facing new challenges!



Olli Juka